Imaging Family Indicator

This field identifies the applicable diagnostic serrvice family for that HCPCS codes with a multiple procedure indicator of ‘4’. For services effective January 1, 2011 and after, family indicators 01 – 11 will not be populated. The values are:

01 Ultrasound (Chest/Abdomen/Pelvis-Non-Obstetrical)
02 CT and CTA (Chest/Thorax/Abd/Pelvis)
03 CT and CTA (Head/Brain/Orbit/Maxillofacial/Neck)
04 MRI and MRA (Chest/Abd/Pelvis)
05 MRI and MRA (Head/Brain/Neck)
06 MRI and MRA (Spine)
07 CT (Spine)
08 MRI and MRA (Lower Extremities)
09 CT and CTA (Lower Extremities)
10 MR and MRI (Upper Extremities and Joints)
11 CT and CTA (Upper Extremities)
88 Subject to the reduction of the TC diagnostic imaging (effective for services January 1, 2011 and after).
99 Concept does not apply
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