Tips for Android

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At the lower part of each page there are 2 buttons: Back and Home
Use the Back button when you want to go back one step in your current search
Use the Home button when you wish to begin a new search
Or you may use the browser buttons to move back and forward between pages when your recent search terms and results are still relevant but you'd like to explore other related paths / links.
You can also click on the ICD10Doc Logo on the left upper corner ... or the Home link on the menu bar to start a new search.

Please consider adding the website address as an icon on your Android home screen:

1. Open the browser on your Android. Find
2. Once you are visiting with your browser, click on the three horizontal lines icon in the right upper corner of the display and pick "Add to Home Screen"

3. Either you add the app under the name "init" (not very intuitive...) or you can rename it as you wish:

3. Click on "add" and the app icon is now on your Android home screen
Now when you click on this icon your browser will take you DIRECTLY to the website, WITHOUT using the downloaded app from Google Play App Store, which may or maynot be up-to-date and bug free.
Depending on the screen size of your Android, you may or may not be able to see the menu as you do on a desktop.
If the menu items do not show on the top part of the screen, click on the lines icon, on the right upper corner of screen.

The menu will open:

and you can select an option to continue with

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When you've scrolled down a long page and would like to jump Back to Top click on the transparent link at the right lower corner of screen.

Search within a page
If you have received a long page with many results and you'd like to narrrow it down, then click on the three dots on the right upper corner of your display and then "Find in page"

Enter the search term

The browser will mark the search term you are interested in - on the page:

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