Guided Structured Build of an ICD-10 Procedure Code

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Beginning October 1st, 2015 - ICD-10 PCS Procedures coding is relevant for INPATIENTS procedures.

Watch a brief YouTube movie and see how easy it is to code an ICD-10 procedure using ICD10Doc.

Click on the Build an ICD10-PCS code under the "Tools" options on the top menu bar.
The ICD-10 PCS codes are arranged around exactly 7 alphanumeric axis or positions:
1. Section
2. Body system
3. Operation
4. Body part
5. Approach
6. Device
7. Qualitfier
Sometimes the above axis name may be be slightly different, depending on the body system selected - such as Treatment Site instead of Body Part etc.
ICD10Doc will walk you through the steps mentioned above: just select the appropriate axis and ICD10Doc will filter the next list of options accordingly. This process has 7 steps / screens.

Once the coding is done - ICD10Doc will present a 7 characters ICD-10 PCS code.
Below the ICD-10 code for the procedure, ICD10Doc will suggest the equivalent ICD-9 codes according to the General Equivalence Mapping (GEM), DRG, LCD, HAC, etc. related to the ICD-10PCS procedure code.

Note: If one of the steps mentioned above has only ONE option, then ICD10Doc will pick this single option automatically and will proceed to the next step without user intervention.

This may seem as if ICD10Doc is jumping over steps.

For example, if on Step 1/7 you pick "Chiropractic", the next step has only ONE option to select - "Anatomical Regions". Instead of having the user select this option, and since it is the only option - ICD10Doc will pick it and move to the next step. The next step in the ICD-10 PCS code build process has also only one option - "Manipulation". Again ICD10Doc will pick this option automatically and move to the next step. The next step has multiple options to choose from, and ICD10Doc will pause and wait for user selection.
The overall process above may seem like a jump from Step1/7 to Step 4/7 in this specific case.
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